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Good Times in Middle School and Football

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My experience at Belen so far has had its ups and downs, but mostly ups due to the fact that I have excelled in my grades compared to my first year at Belen. This school is probably one of the most precious things about my young life due to the different ways in which I have grown and established a real bond with others. One of my best memories was the first day of football. Everybody expected me to be somewhat of a bench player in my first year since I had never played football beforehand. The funny thing was that I have a bloodline of extremely athletic people, and it is in my genes. It gave me the chance to be an essential part of that team. After the first game, I became a starter for every game, and before I knew it, I was captain of the middle school team. That was the start of my “football career.” Now, I play football full time, basketball, and possibly will even try wrestling since a lot of people have introduced me to it, and it seems like it could be fun.

Even though sports are a big thing at Belen, the more important thing to focus on is grades and school work. One tip that I’ll give to you all is the tip of
doing your homework. Don’t overthink a lot of the work that the teachers give you. Take everything in stride, do it all, and make sure that you’re not forgetting
anything. Stay organized, and try to never miss a homework or class work assignment.

With all the good things that come with Belen, there are some unspoken rules that we all go by. These are standards that we follow in order to maximize our middle school positive experience. For example, one thing to make sure to do is make or join a group of friends so you always have someone to have your back.  You should work at building these relationships with some of your classmates in order to develop close friendships that will last. Another thing
to make sure that you follow is to gain respect between a lot of people in all grades in order for you to be both known and to open yourself to future opportunities.

My full middle school experience is almost finished, and it has gone by so fast. I barely remember the beginning of it, and yet, I know that I’ve grown so
much for my soon-to-be high school career. One main rule to go by no matter what is to fully appreciate the things Belen gives to you, as well as what
your parents have given you when they decided to enroll you at Belen. In future years, I hope to be known as one of the most prestigious and appreciative students at Belen.

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Good Times in Middle School and Football