Winners Announced for Second Annual Poetry Slam

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Winners Announced for Second Annual Poetry Slam

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The following are the winning poems of the poetry competition that took place in March. Poems were presented by seventh graders from Mrs. Morera’s and Mrs. Iglesias’s English classes during an assembly for the school’s Second Annual Poetry Slam.  One winner was selected from each seventh grade English class section.


By: Maxton Torres ’23

As I sit here
Thoughts going through my mind
Thinking about what to write
I realize the importance
Of silence
Silence gives us time to think
To reflect on all that we’ve done
What will we do when we’re all grown up?
In the future, in the long run
Makes us glow when feeling blue
After all, silence is golden
Silence can make us feel lonely
All alone out in the open
Remember the tune of a happy song
When we might feel depressed
Silence can clear out all of our mind
And give it a chance to rest
Helps us memorize our lines
Our notes, equations, and fractions
Allows us to imagine our future
Our dreams, hopes, and ambitions
Memories come flooding back
A tidal wave in oceans blue
Times we spent with family and friends
When happiness was all we knew
Memories of stressful projects
Midterms and science poster boards
Toiling away, writing essays
Falling asleep on our keyboards
Silence humbles, calms ourselves
When we get filled with pride
All the times we messed up
Cheated, sinned, and lied
Although conversation can feel fulfilling
Silence is the only way
To see if we’ve been honest, thoughtful and good
Toward everyone throughout the day


By: Diego Victoria ’23

All these thoughts in my head
Of all those shots killing em dead
All because of a kid with a gun
So many innocent lives are done

Like a shooting star
This event so rare
By the time the bell rang
They were no longer there

Silently hiding
Patiently waiting as their time started fading

Wondering if they would see their mother
They fearfully stayed behind their cover
Teachers, students, coaches bled
Before you knew it
17 were dead

Not a single word was spoken
Because everyone thought he was joking
Next thing they see
their friends’ blood on the scene


Don’t let their deaths be in vain
Let’s all be advocates for change


The Crazy Things That Would Affect Me and You if Hitler Won World War II
By: Luis Olivares ’23 and David Coro ’23

Adolf Hitler and Stalin too,
Asia red like a tomato stew.
Germany split in two,
and there is no trace left about red, white, and blue.
Chinatown burned to the ground.
The communist party roaming around.
No more nukes being flung around.
Until North Korea came to town.
And while capitalists are taking over in the cold new world,
the only thing that could be colder
are the people of Stalingrad
Being taken away all the food they had.

People being experimented is what Hitler will demand, but most of the lab rats turn into black sand,
and people wondering if this is God’s plan for them.
Knowing that nobody would stand for them.
And the people that were standing fell to the ground.
They know they can’t run away because they’ll be traced by blood hounds,
and they know if they get caught, the Nazis won’t be playing around.
They’re taught that they’re inferior; they live for their superior.
Civil war would be inevitable,
human’s rights would be unmentionable,
but if we learned anything from history,
it’s that freedom and humans are inseparable.


By: Thomas Fanjul ’23

Today is the day
I know I will get the “big pay”
I know I can get a good catch
If I could simply find the right sea weed patch

I head out to sea
Trying to keep my wits about me
As I approach the spot
My heart begins to beat a lot

My rod screamed,
the water gleamed
I shouted, “Hooray,”
my first fish of the day!”

I began the fight
the fish was pulling, left and right
As I’d give it my full
the fish would give me an equal pull

Everything went still
and I thought the fish was killed
I finally could lighten up
and relax like a sleeping pup

I’ve got the biggest fish,
that’s my wish
All of a sudden, “Crack!”
And my line just went slack

I came back to land
with a boat light as a feather
then I was stuck in the sand
all because of the weather!

I hopped out of the boat
and began to float
I reached land in an hour
with a feeling of no power

I jumped in bed
put my pillow over my head
And began to cry
Finally, I realized…

My boat was stuck at sea
With no one to blame but the Captain, me.


By: Patrick Rodriguez ’23, Andres Luna ’23, and Luis Martinez ’23

Nothing for years,
just the shining tears,
A deep black ocean,
filled with no motion,
Without any gravity,
feels like no reality,
There’s nothing worse than being alone,
Without a place to call my home,

I feel it as it creeps in,
the darkness I’ve fallen so deep in,
I am terrified of what’s to come,
but I must wait with no sound in my ear drum,
This confinement is driving me insane,
as dark thoughts form in my brain,
My home is so far, it feels like a dream,
What I would give to turn this machine,

It feels like a therapy session,
talking about this empty obsession,
of this place that we call space,
it is where the humans race,
it is our goal to reach the planet red,
hopefully I get there before I’m dead,
but I’m with no one at all,
in a forever fall.

By: Ryan Hernandez ’23, Lucas Martinez ’23, Matthew Handel ’23, Nick Portuondo ’23

Sometimes I am sad.
Sometimes I wish
I could be happy.

Sometimes I wish that I could leave this dark place in a bright yellow taxi.
Sometimes I am a hopeless deer running and running from my biggest fear.
Sometimes I wish
I had a fun family of four, a brother, a sister and maybe even more.

Sometimes I wish
I had comfy clothes where I wasn’t walking
and walking where my body was fully exposed.
Sometimes I wish
I had spotless shoes;
I would go explore and explore the spotless clear
shore like water rushing and rushing all over the floor, then I wouldn’t be
as bored anymore.

Sometimes I wish I had a home,
a small cozy dome, living in the streets of Rome, where I wasn’t alone.
Sometimes I wish
I had a bed with one big bulky blanket instead of an old,
dirty used jacket, where I was feeling like I was nearly dead.

Sometimes I wish
I had clean clear water
so I can feel much stronger
instead of the disgusting dirty water
full of many different of colors.

Never regret one day in your short life
no matter if it’s
big or not big,
calm or not calm,
peaceful or not peaceful,
exciting or not exciting;
The bad days 
give experiences,
the good days 
give happiness,
the worst days will give lessons,
but the best days 
give memories.



By: Joshue Perez ’23

I picked it up in the womb
Just like a mother picks you up in her arms
I first started when I was three
Not understanding how it worked
Like a baby trying to figure out how to walk
At age five I made my first team I wasn’t the best
I was afraid I’d lose the love I had for the game
Like how kids lose their baby teeth

The game talks to me
As if it were one of my best friends.
Fast forward 7 years
And I am still obsessed with the game
Working on my craft day in and day out
Like a blacksmith at his forge

I’m always painting scenarios in my head
Like a basketball Van Gogh

I start to zone out
Focusing on the what’s happening in my head
Five seconds left
I have the ball
Five, four, three, two, one

Then I snap back to reality
My teacher asking me what we just learned there’s a moment of silence…

In my head
there’s always a five, four, three, two, one
Always a dribbling thought Bouncing around my head
The sound of a ball going through the net Swishhhhhhhhhh
And then in my head
All I hear is that final buzzer
Everything is over






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Winners Announced for Second Annual Poetry Slam